Aktuelle Meldungen aus dem Institut für Chemie

18th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC-18)

The European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC) offers early-stage researchers an opportunity to communicate their work to the leading European research groups in phosphorus chemistry.

The long tradition of workshops previously held in Kaiserslautern (2004), Bonn (2005), Leipzig (2006), Zandvoort (2007), Regensburg (2008), Florence (2009), Budapest (2010), Münster (2011), Rennes (2012), Regensburg (2013), Sofia (2014), Kassel (2015), Berlin (2016), Cluj-Napoca (2017), Uppsala (2018), Bristol (2019) and Rennes (2020) will be continued with the 18th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry in Rostock, Germany. This workshop series has a strong reputation for fruitful exchange of ideas, opinions and excellent discussions. The aspects of phosphorus chemistry covered by this workshop span organic, inorganic, polymer, materials chemistry and biological chemistry.

Covid-19 has affected all areas of our lives, and now it unfortunately also affects the yearly schedule of the EWPC. So we are forced to postpone the EWPC-18 in Rostock by one year to March 2022.

Nonetheless, we want to give PhD students a public platform for their phosphorus research. Thus, we will organise an OWPC (Online Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry)  as an additional platform for the exchange of ideas during the wait for the next regular EWPC meeting.

For further details see www.ewpc18.uni-rostock.de